MSN and Marketing

Bruce Heerssen bruce at
Fri, 26 Sep 2003 11:57:24 -0500

Daniel Wang wrote:

> Albert Ren wrote:
>> Just a heads-up guys.  Turns out that MSN9 will be having a "pop-up 
>> guard" as one of its features.  Obviously, microsoft will be 
>> marketing this up the wazoo as one of its new features (who knows if 
>> they'll even make lofty claims as to "being one of the first/few").  
>> I'm not sure how we can counter this with our own marketing strategy, 
>> but we probably should do it soon before pop-up blocking becomes a 
>> standard checkbox feature.
> I don't see how this is a problem. AOL has had pop-up blocker for a 
> while already. This is a war between two ISPs. Besides, there will not 
> be another update for MSIE. The browser war is over.

Uh.... No. The browser war is not over. Microsoft's strategy in killing 
MSIE as a stand-alone browser is designed to remove peoples' awareness 
of the concept of a web browser. What they are doing is futher 
integrating MSIE into windows explorer. Windows Explorer will become the 
primary web browsing applicaton for MS Windows users. It already has all 
of the essential features necessary to do that, so it's not much of a 
stretch. By pursuing this strategy, Microsoft may be able to circumvent 
some of the restrictions placed on them by the courts for their 
anti-competitive behavior. For instance, they may claim that MS Windows 
will have the 'innate' ability to browse the web, and does not need a 
stand-alone browser. So why should they include a mechanism to assign a 
default browser for viewing web documents? If they succeed in that, then 
they will have truly won the browser war, at least on Microsoft platforms.

I may be wrong about many of the details, but that's the way it looks to 
me. I'm  also concerned about MS implying that these new product 
features are somehow innovative. We should definitely be prepared for that.

- Bruce Heerssen