What's Up With This ??!!

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:03:16 -0700 (PDT)

> following some of the links I'm guessing hat someone may have hacked
> the mozdev site to put this "project" up...
> ...the links under "notes.html"  appear to lead to a bunch of viagra,
> spam, and porn sites when I tried yesterday..

this is a separate issue.  we're battling spammers who are abusing our
user notes feature.  unfortunately this is not the only project that is
receiving spam like this.

anyway, about the name -- our policy at mozdev is to accept any
projects that are related to mozilla in some way.  surprisingly (or
not) only about 50% of project requests meet this criteria.  for the
projects that do pass, the only other requirement is that the name they
choose isn't an obscenity and that it doesn't infringe on an existing

the person who requested this project said that they wanted to make a
splash screen gallery.  i created the project for him, but it doesn't
look like he's touched it yet.  this is not too unusual since a fair
number of projects that get started never get touched.  they just end
up drifting into our abandoned project category.

as for the name, i found nothing offensive about 'communism' and saw no
reason to reject the name.  i haven't seen any posts on this list
either that explain why it's offensive.  if anything, the 'workers on
the world unite' graphics of the original mozilla.org site had a very
strong communist look to it so the name sort of fits with this theme. 
did anyone say that this design choice was offensive?  regardless of
that argument, what is wrong with the name anyway?

if anyone has an issue with mozilla's project creation policy, they're
welcome to email me directly at david@mozdev.org.  i can take any
feedback or comments to the other mozdev admins and we can discuss the
issue and change our policies as needed.


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