What's Up With This ??!!

bart decrem bart at decrem.com
Thu, 25 Sep 2003 12:44:54 -0700

Hi Jay,

Since you seem worried about this, why don't you follow up with the 
owner of this module and ask the owner what it's about?  And if you 
think it somehow reflects poorly on Mozdev (which has no affiliation 
with the Mozilla Foundation), then you may wish to contact the people 
that run Mozdev and ask them if they want to remove that project.



Azrael wrote:

> Jay Garcia wrote:
>> http://communism.mozdev.org
>> Whatever connection mozdev.org has or doean't have with The Foundation
>> this needs an explanation whatever the case. Quite poor PR !!
> Perhaps it is the opposite, perhaps this is good PR. Maybe Mozilla 
> appeals to capitalists and communists alike. In a world community what 
> is better than those with differences coming together to cooperate?