Fw: MSN and Marketing

Peter peterx14 at hotmail.com
Wed, 24 Sep 2003 23:30:26 +0100

(cursing reply-to under my breath....)

> Similarly, just in case anyone missed it, the new google toolbar does
> blocking too.
> http://toolbar.google.com/
> Peter.
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> From: Albert Ren
> To: marketing-public@mozilla.org
> Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 9:18 PM
> Subject: MSN and Marketing
> Just a heads-up guys.  Turns out that MSN9 will be having a "pop-up guard"
> as one of its features.  Obviously, microsoft will be marketing this up
> wazoo as one of its new features (who knows if they'll even make lofty
> claims as to "being one of the first/few").  I'm not sure how we can
> this with our own marketing strategy, but we probably should do it soon
> before pop-up blocking becomes a standard checkbox feature.
> "As you're browsing the Web, notice how the Pop-Up Guard settings you've
> made affect your experience with pop-up advertisements.  Modify the
> to see how the different filter levels and notifications change your
> experience.  Occasionally you will receive a dialog box asking you if the
> behavior of the Pop-Up Guard for a particular pop-up was what you
> We encourage you to respond to this as it helps us know how well the
> Guard is working."
> --From the MSN beta site
> Albert