Firebird Promotion

Gandalf gandalf at
Mon, 22 Sep 2003 20:44:21 +0200

Hello. I sent this email to Asa - he redirected me here.
I filled a bug about marketing issues 
( because I have plan 
to create big marketing campain for Firebird.

I asked my favorite net designer ( who of course 
is FB user to create a lot of art stuff for Firebird and Thunderbird 
- B2 poster (like cinema ones)
- Splash screens
- wallpaper
- icons
- logotype
- banner
- button (like "use Mozilla" and "ignite the web")

For last 3 days he is working on it, and from my point of view first 
previews are impressive.

Now. My questions that are left without anwser for very long time
What rules we should use creating it. What matherials for Firebird are 
official, what words should be associated with Firebird (for eg. "new", 
"modern", "light", "stable") and can You give us any directions or 
directives for creating this?

And second question - will You be interested in You marketing plans to 
use this (when it'll be done) in official FB promotion?

At all, i really don't know how it looks like inside Mozilla Foundation 
and what are plans for promoting it (for FB 1.0 or so on...).

Zbigniew Braniecki
Mozilla PL Team (