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Chris Hofmann chofmann at
Wed, 17 Sep 2003 20:34:28 -0700

haven't seen all this thread, but if we are trying to build a success 
story around heavy use of standards to achieve some specific goals
the espn interview on devedge is a good one...  doesn't have the sizzle 
of  the links below but adds the angle of  the ability to achieve
some very valuable goals...

faster presentation of content to users
ability to achieve high traffic volume at lower cost
improved content management strategies are possible
reduced testing for compatility

even after saying all that the espn site look pretty darn good...

Andy Edmonds wrote:

> James Russell wrote:
>> Bart; did you see this? It's way, way behind the original site but it 
>> does give an idea. The lines near the top used to ripple like water 
>> and of course the giant 6 used to fade in from the left.
> A more compelling demo would be to use z-order stacking to pack more 
> punch in the screenshots.  I remember a Blake page with 3 overlapping 
> screenshots, but can't seem to track it down.
> In any event, take a look at:
> Mouseover (the handles) on each screenshot brings it to the 
> forefront.  This is simple, w3c, cross browser compatible DHTML -- 
> works in IE too with no code forking.  We could use this, without the 
> handles, to stack small screenshots of the different applications.  I 
> haven't figured out an elegant way to incoporate zoom (aside from a 
> popup window).
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