Clarifying versus

ralph mellor ralph at
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 14:09:37 -0500

I think we ought to make a clear distinction between m.c and m.o
( and, both internally, in the form of a
document[1] clarifying intended differences, and externally, in the
form of some presentation on the web sites themselves that makes
it clear to a visitor what's going on. (Which can also be discussed
at the wiki page in footnote [1].)

== Intended differences between m.c and m.o ==

If you know of an existing document that can be made public, please
post it or its URL to the page/wiki listed at footnote [1].

== Web presentation of the differences between m.c and m.o ==

* Could be a box.
* Could be titled "Check out our sister site" on m.c
and vice-versa on m.o.
* If designed carefully, the box could achieve its primary purpose
(the m.c/m.o distinction) while also covering several other sister
sites as a secondary purpose.
* Maybe a mini-navigator box:
** Talks about several sister sites and their relationship;
** Contains links to each;
** Highlights which one you're at;
** Perhaps is usable at all the sites mentioned.
* Box text should probably be tailored to the target audience of
each site.


[1] Perhaps