Marketing Firebird: Get a Clue!

Davey davey at
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 13:21:42 +0100

Simon Males wrote:

>>    1. Installer.  You need to have a standard Windows installer with 
>> every single build.  Period.  Now I just checked AGAIN with the 
>> nightly url and you still just have a big zip of files.  That's just 
>> plain unacceptable.  If people can't install easily then they just 
>> plain won't.  Want to offer a zipped version for those that don't 
>> like it?  No problem but that's an additional option NOT the damn 
>> default.  And, yes Virginia, installation software is scriptable and 
>> automatable these days so it can be tied into a standard Windows 
>> build process.
> I certainly do not hope that nightly builds aren't ever packaged with 
> installers. Nightly builds are designed for people who are comfortable 
> extracting them, seeing if the bleeding edge is bleeding, or if a bug 
> still exists before reporting it.
> Of course there is going to be an installer all major releases, as per 
> Mozilla 1.0 1.1 etc, but Mozilla Firebird has not reached a major 
> release. I believe that the current design methodology by Mozilla 
> Firebird developers as 'function over aesthetics'.
> It bugs me, do you really believe Mozilla Firebird 1.0 (in my belief 
> when it really counts) will go live with a .zip.

Surely, the installer needs as much testing as the browser itself? 
Perhaps have a weekly build with an installer as well as the zipped 

- Davey