Marketing Firebird: Get a Clue!

Simon Males sime at
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:11:03 +1000


>    1. Installer.  You need to have a standard Windows installer with 
> every single build.  Period.  Now I just checked AGAIN with the nightly 
> url and you still just have a big zip of files.  That's just plain 
> unacceptable.  If people can't install easily then they just plain 
> won't.  Want to offer a zipped version for those that don't like it?  No 
> problem but that's an additional option NOT the damn default.  And, yes 
> Virginia, installation software is scriptable and automatable these days 
> so it can be tied into a standard Windows build process.

I certainly do not hope that nightly builds aren't ever packaged with 
installers. Nightly builds are designed for people who are comfortable 
extracting them, seeing if the bleeding edge is bleeding, or if a bug 
still exists before reporting it.

Of course there is going to be an installer all major releases, as per 
Mozilla 1.0 1.1 etc, but Mozilla Firebird has not reached a major 
release. I believe that the current design methodology by Mozilla 
Firebird developers as 'function over aesthetics'.

It bugs me, do you really believe Mozilla Firebird 1.0 (in my belief 
when it really counts) will go live with a .zip.

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