Marketing Firebird: Get a Clue!

Albert Ren garfieldbond at
Mon, 15 Sep 2003 21:50:10 -0400

Ben Goodger wrote:

> Simon Willison wrote:
>> I just spotted this on a weblog:
>> """
>> But marketing can only come when the basic user issues are handled 
>> and there are two (or three) that need to get addressed.
>>    1. Installer.  You need to have a standard Windows installer with 
>> every single build.  Period.  Now I just checked AGAIN with the 
>> nightly url and you still just have a big zip of files.  That's just 
>> plain unacceptable.  If people can't install easily then they just 
>> plain won't.  Want to offer a zipped version for those that don't 
>> like it?  No problem but that's an additional option NOT the damn 
>> default.  And, yes Virginia, installation software is scriptable and 
>> automatable these days so it can be tied into a standard Windows 
>> build process. 
> I'm working on a new Installer that will hopefully be incorporated 
> into 0.8.

Out of curiousity, will it be the same installer used currently for 
seamonkey builds (bug 173770 and 182409 i believe) or will it be 
something else, like NSIS?