Bart Decrem bart at decrem.com
Fri, 12 Sep 2003 17:31:08 -0700

Hi folks,

(I keep having mail trouble when posting to this list - hopefully this 
is not a duplicate message).

A few things.

First, we will be establishing Mozilla.com as an end-user oriented 
site.  Our preference was to consolidate everything under the 
Mozilla.org site but there were tax problems with that, so there'll be 
two sites.  The site's under development now.  We hope to launch it in a 
few weeks. 

Second, as I believe I indicated earlier, we're on track to announce a 
few things, most likely at the beginning of October, including the 1.5 
launch, CDs available, end-user support available and the announcement 
that we are offering enterprise services.

Third, Kerz has kindly volunteered to help facilitate the community 
marketing effort.  He'll work to ensure good communication between this 
group and the Mozilla Foundation staff, and he'll also be a resource for 
the various marketing-related projects that are already under way (the 
Mozilla Links newsletter, the Pressteam, and Mozilla Champions, for 
instance).  So expect to hear more from Kerz on this list.