Bart Decrem bart at decrem.com
Thu, 11 Sep 2003 02:10:32 -0700

Hi folks,

Things are a bit quiet on the list right now, but lots of positive 
things are happening:

- We're on track to have a bunch of exciting announcements at the end of 
the month: the launch of Mozilla 1.5 (and MF 0.7 and MT 0.3), the 
availability of CDs and end-user support, the launch of enterprise 
support services for Mozilla and, hopefully, a new, end-user oriented 
site (yes, it will probably be Mozilla.com)
- The branding issues are closer to resolution.  Mitchell's preparing to 
announce something in this regard before too long
- There are already some important new projects that have come out of 
this list: the Mozilla Links newsletter (newsletter.mozdev.org) and the 
Press Team (pressteam.mozdev.org), and we're also working with the 
Netscape Champions on creating Mozilla Champions (usenet support for end 
users).  In addition, there's been hands-on help on more tactical 
projects (such as processing donations, for instance)
- Kerz has agreed to help coordinate this "open marketing" effort.  He 
will be a liaison person between the Mozilla (Foundation) staff and this 
community to make sure that there's effective communication and that 
Mozilla Marketing becomes a key part of the Mozilla community.  So 
you'll be hearing more from Kerz on this list.