Jayesh Sheth jayeshsh at
Tue, 09 Sep 2003 18:13:26 -0400

Hello all,

I have read all the upsell messages recently, and have a few comments.

I think Percy's suggestion of Musicmatch is a great idea. I am also a 
subscriber of MusicMatch ( ), and have found 
it to be an excellent source for online music. For those unfamiliar with 
it, it is an mp3 player, recorder and streamer; but it differs from 
Winamp in that it offers its own streamed audio content via "radio 
stations"  and artist on demand streams. As far as I know, it reached a 
private, exclusive agreement with the RIAA, after having been sued by it 
several years ago (CPU magazine article). This enabled it to provide a 
very wide selection of music at a competitive price: $2.95 / 4.95 per month.

Another product which I would whole heartedly recommend is SmartDraw 
Photo ( ), which is an easy to use graphics 
editor (like Paintshop), and which does 95% of the stuff I need it to do 
without the complexity of Paintshop or The Gimp. I think Smart Draw 
Photo costs about $70.

Another music-related option would be the quarterly CD 
subscription; has the best independent music online, and 
offers a four CDs per year containing their best picks for $30, I think.

Another email-service-related recommendation would be Spamcop email ( ). I use their free spam reporting service every 
day. They also offer paid email accounts which filter most spam out for 
$30 per year ( ).

Finally, if there is general consensus that the buyers for the first 
Mozilla CD will be tech-savvy, it might pay to offer a hosting service 
as an upsell item. I would recommend Dreamhost ( ) which offers good LAMP hosting and fanatical 

If anyone has any ideas or feedback, please let me know.


- Jay