ralph mellor ralph at
Tue, 09 Sep 2003 06:40:28 -0500

> We won't advocate for any product. We will upsell it. This is about
> business, and we HAVE TO choose a business partner. If partnership is
> undertood as advocacy, then let's advocate.

This got me thinking. The upselling isn't the concern here.
The advocacy is. The branding impact of the upsell is itself
impacted by the degree of advocacy that is implied in the
upsell. We would rather not advocate. But a close partnership
will be viewed as a form of advocacy by most people (rightly
so imo, but that's a moot point).

Why do we have to partner to offer an item? Couldn't we just
offer a range of competing items as if we were (indeed because
we are) common garden variety resellers? And only offer items
that we /ought/ to offer, as a benefit (convenience) to customers?

So, we get something like this:

While we don't agree with everything Bill has to say, we think
"<quote about ought to have anti-virus>" is right on the money
if you're a Windows user. If so, and you don't already have good
security software (antivirus and firewall), we strongly recommend
you get and install antivirus and firewall software if you wish
to remain safely connected to the Internet. For your convenience,
the options that the mozilla user community has suggested to
us are listed on this page. Where possible we have become
resellers and you can buy everything you need directly from
this page. We try hard to maintain fair pricing and all profits
go to the Mozilla Foundation. If you're a Linux user, you don't
need to worry about antivirus software, and you just need to
enable the firewall that came with your system.

We could link to pages with quotes from mozilla forums that
discuss the various antivirus etc. packages.

Or something like that. The point is to add convenience value
and get some sales in return for that, but to avoid advocacy
by MF.

ralph mellor