Thunderbird Versions

Bart Decrem bart at
Sat, 06 Sep 2003 10:20:47 -0700

It sure would.  But you know, I'd rather have Scott and Co focus on 
making this program kick even more ass than it already does than argue 
with them over how the releases should be numbered.  They clearly know 
what they're doing.

I switched to Thunderbird a month ago (from Apple Mail) and I've never 
looked back. It's awesome.


Anode wrote:

>  "Thunderbird has to have the most deceiving version numbers of any
>software I've ever used. I avoided version 0.1 for ages because I
>incorrectly assumed that a 0.1 release shouldn't be trusted with my email. "
>--and that's from a software developer!  Imagine what end-users must think.
>Any way the Thunderbird people could be persuaded to up it a few dot
>releases?  I would imagine it would help the marketing side a good deal.