Robert Mohr mohr.42 at osu.edu
Fri, 05 Sep 2003 22:55:28 -0400

Bart Decrem wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Lots of interesting ideas re:bundling.  We definitely want to bundle 
> software, starting with essential plugins such as Java, Flash, 
> RealPlayer and Acrobat.  It takes time to get the licensing agreements 
> done though.  In addition, the ideal way to deliver those plugins is as 
> part of the install process, so people can just check a box that says 
> "install these plugins" - and we don't have that machinery in place for 
> Mozilla Firebird, AFAIK - so this is probably something that'll happen 
> in a few months.
> Bart

Based on what I think most web users use, and partly on my personal 
preferences, I would say these plugins and/or external programs:

WMP (isn't bundled with older versions of Windows)
7-Zip (as per previous post in thread, I believe this is "comparable" to 
proprietary alternatives)
Gaim (see 7-Zip)

I can't think of any extensions to include, but I think many of the 
Mozilla, MF and MT themes should be included and pre-installed.

As Bart says, we have awhile, but it's probably better to start early.
Robert Mohr