[Fwd: Re: CD upsell due diligence help]

Grey Hodge / jesus X jesus_x at mozillanews.org
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 19:35:31 -0400

On 9/4/2003 5:25 PM bart decrem cranked up the brainbox and said:
> So far, I haven't heard specific suggestions for appropriate upsells, 
> other than we're considering switching to Mailblocks instead of 
> SpamArrest.

What are our options? What products do they also sell that are options for the

> By the way, a number of people mistook an upsell (in the checkout 
> process on the web site, we offer to sell you another product) for a 
> bundle (on the CD, additional 3d party software is included).

I used the word bundle, and did not mean to mislead others. I understand that
it's presented as an optional purchase at checkout, like impulse buys at Grocery
stores, such as candy bars, tabloids, razors, etc.

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