[Fwd: Re: CD upsell due diligence help]

Daniel Wang stolenclover at yahoo.com.tw
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 15:20:07 -0700

Cabello, Percy wrote:
> What about MusicMatch (uses IE) or some other media player.  Media players
> complement very well an internet user experience.

What is MusicMatch?
We should include RealOne Player because 1) users will likely be 
encountering RealPlayer movie and 2) it's VERY difficult to find the 
right RealPlayer plug-in in real.com . We should also include QuickTime 
and Windows Media Player.

> I suggest also ZoneAlarm, WinZip and GetRight (GetRight may be seen as an
> enhance of download manager, but unlike spam, this is not a "too much talked
> about feature".

I suggest that we DON'T include ZoneAlarm because of the 
psm-setting-up-as-local-server problem. We should include a zip utility. 
Not sure about download manager; Mozilla has one (sort-of) and do the 
average Joel really need a more advanced download manager? There are 
many download managers out there. Instead of adovacting one dl manager, 
we should let the users choose one themselves.

And don't forget JRE. There was a usergroup post saying that Sun's Java 
download page is confusing.

> Prsonally I see no problem with McAfee. I've used it for two years and
> haven't seen a virus around. Luck doesn't use to last that much. I'd like to
> hear the basis for negatice comments for McAfeee AV.
> Bart, what particular McAfee product/edition do you mean? not sure if I have
> the one you mean.
> what about subscription services.

We need a guideline for deciding on what to include. I propose:

The included extra must meet the following critaria
* It is mostly likely needed for everyday Internet activity
* It automatically works with Mozilla (check with 
http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/ . The extra should not require any manual 
operation on the user's part).
* It adds (rather than extends) functionality to Mozilla
* It is a large download /or/
   ?It is not bundled with the OS? /or/
   Its download page is difficult to navigate or confusing /or/
   Its version number is confusing
* It is either cross-platform or there is a equivelent utility for
   other OSes
* It is stable

We shouldn't need to be concerned about if the extra is commercial. Many 
free or low-cost CDs distributed by ISPs, colleges, etc. include 
shareware and commercial software. If something is useful, is needed, 
and works, we should include it.

The installer should automate installation of some of the extra stuff. 
It shouldn't be difficult to make a custom installer, so once we have a 
list of what we want to include someone could make a custom installer 
for the CD.

I asked about shipping a installation guide before and haven't got an 
answer. Is Marketing considering shipping a print version of 
http://www.mozilla.org/docs/end-user/guide/get-started.html with the CD?