CD upsell due diligence help

Robert Mohr mohr.42 at
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 17:57:22 -0400

Brian King wrote:

> Bart Decrem wrote:
>> I'm less interested in a discussion on this list than in finding 
>> someone who can spend a couple of hours to provide a brief overview of 
>> the pros and cons of these different products and services.
> Yes, sure, but what is the rationale for bundling proprietry software on 
> an Open Source project CD? To me, this is undermining and distracting.
I think if there is an open source application comparable to a 
proprietary one that the CD should include it instead.  But this is for 
the Mozilla Foundation to make more money off of the CD--if I buy a CD 
and register a trial of McAfee that came with it, I believe the Mozilla 
Foundation would get some money out of it.

Sorry about the double post Brian.
Robert Mohr