[Fwd: Re: CD upsell due diligence help]

bart decrem bart at decrem.com
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 14:25:01 -0700

Duane Fahey wrote:

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> Subject:
> Re: CD upsell due diligence help
> From:
> Ian Thomas <ian@lemnet.com>
> Date:
> Wed, 03 Sep 2003 22:32:22 +0100
> To:
> Duane Fahey <dfahey@visualautomation.com>
> Duane Fahey wrote:
>> I think it's too early to upsell.  When there is an end-user CD 
>> (Firebird 1.0?), with an end-user web site (mozilla.com?), then it 
>> will be a good time to upsell.
>> Also, I think that upselling with these kinds of products might 
>> detract from built-in features, like disabling pop-ups, spam 
>> filtering, etc. 
> Upselling is a useful source of revenue for the Mozilla Foundation. It 
> is also advisable that we get all processes and deals sorted out before 
> 1.0, so people are not rushed at the last minute.


So far, I haven't heard specific suggestions for appropriate upsells, 
other than we're considering switching to Mailblocks instead of 

By the way, a number of people mistook an upsell (in the checkout 
process on the web site, we offer to sell you another product) for a 
bundle (on the CD, additional 3d party software is included).


> Ian