CD upsell due diligence help

James Russell Kovu401 at
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 07:18:29 -0500

The point is to make Mozilla as useful as an end-user client as possible 
by bundling features (like Netscape did w/ McAfee) that add to the 
browsing experience and add value to the product and also make life 
easier for users so that they don't have to try and hunt down these 
products themselves. Linux is an open source product, too. Ask Red Hat 
what the value of bundling services with an open source product is, 
they'll tell you.

As to the argument that adding features to Mozilla will detract from our 
own features, this is just silly. If that's the case, we'd better stop 
adding any cool features to Mozilla just so we can tout spam filtering 
and pop-up blocking forever.

-JR wrote:

> Bart Decrem wrote:
>> I'm less interested in a discussion on this list than in finding 
>> someone who can spend a couple of hours to provide a brief overview 
>> of the pros and cons of these different products and services.
> Yes, sure, but what is the rationale for bundling proprietry software 
> on an Open Source project CD? To me, this is undermining and distracting.