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Patrick Lee alimadzi at
Wed, 3 Sep 2003 20:55:25 -0700 (PDT)

I'm with Duane on this.  I think we need to focus on building up the
Mozilla products.  Back when I used IE6 (shudder), I had a separate
download manager, pop-up blocker, and five extra browser windows
running at the same time.  Now I just use Firebird.  I think that's the
concept we need to sell.  Bundling third-party software will just make
people think that Moz needs other programs to run effectively (just
like IE does, so why bother?).  Just my $0.02...


--- Duane Fahey <> wrote:
> Bart,
> I think it's too early to upsell.  When there is an end-user CD 
> (Firebird 1.0?), with an end-user web site (, then it
> will 
> be a good time to upsell.
> Also, I think that upselling with these kinds of products might
> detract 
> from built-in features, like disabling pop-ups, spam filtering, etc.
> - Duane

Patrick Lee

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