CD upsell due diligence help

Bart Decrem bart at
Wed, 03 Sep 2003 12:01:51 -0700

Hi folks,

We're in the process of putting together the CD sales web site and, 
semi-aggressive marketers that we are, I would like us to offer some 
reasonable upsell opportunities to people who buy Mozilla CDs.  This 
idea hasn't received the OK yet from some key people on the team, so 
we're in an exploratory phase right now.

I could use some help.

We are considering three upsells:
- Spamarrest
- McAfee, either a box product or the monthly service product
- Some porn filter solution

I'm looking for a volunteer to:
- vet SpamArrest: we want to know if it's a product that has an 
acceptable reputation. 
- vet McAfee: does the service work acceptably under Mozilla (on 
Windows)?  or is the online experience so terrible that we should 
instead offer only the CD product
- investigate and suggest porn filter software that we may wish to 
offer.  In general, we're looking for brand leaders with a reasonable 
reputation and technology that's compatible and doesn't unduly overlap 
with features in Mozilla products.  It's OK if the software is 
Windows-only, but cross-platform is even better of course.

I'm less interested in a discussion on this list than in finding someone 
who can spend a couple of hours to provide a brief overview of the pros 
and cons of these different products and services.

If you'd like to help out with this, please send me an e-mail.