NEEED standards-heavy AMAZING main site

Ian Thomas ian at
Wed, 03 Sep 2003 13:00:40 +0100

Marcio Galli wrote:

> I don't have it, I think the first release of this page was this one 
> -> screenshot only got from google: 
> The what's new and netscape text was rendered as an animation function 
> of sine. Resources related with this work was documented here: 
> Is not really directly 
> related with the page but you can see the pattern via the various JS 
> functions.


I managed to find it in the internet archive using the URL from that image.

It has suffered from bitrot a bit, but I played around with it a little 
and managed to get most of it working:

No big 6 and the Netscape animation is slightly wrong, but it gives and 
idea anyway.