NEEED standards-heavy AMAZING main site

Marcio Galli mgalli at
Tue, 02 Sep 2003 15:17:06 -0700

I don't have it, I think the first release of this page was this one -> 
screenshot only got from google:
The what's new and netscape text was rendered as an animation function 
of sine. Resources related with this work was documented here: Is not really directly related 
with the page but you can see the pattern via the various JS functions.


Ian Thomas wrote:

> Marcio Galli wrote:
>> :) Yes, I wrote that big 6 welcome page during my internship.  I can 
>> contribute with design ideas, and add-ons to the page. Will also  
>> think about some ways to cause impact with good usability and 
>> performance.
> Do you still have a copy anywhere? I can't find it anywhere on 
>, and I expect quite a few people would be interested to 
> see it.
> Regards,
> Ian