NEEED standards-heavy AMAZING main site

Robert Mohr mohr.42 at
Mon, 01 Sep 2003 15:52:01 -0400

Tristan Nitot wrote:

> 1 - The design must be professional.
> 2 - the markup has to be standards-compliant. (the way it is now makes 
> it really hard for us to push web standards for Gecko compatibity when 
> discussing with web developers, while even our own web site does not 
> follow our recommendations).

It must be standards-compliant, but it must also look correct in IE. 
The page won't be considered "professional" if Joe User thinks we messed 
up in designing the page.

> 3 - a standards-compliant version of the current web page has been 
> submitted by friends of mine to (not sure who). I'd love 
> this web page to be replacing the current one. The look and wording are 
> the same, but it is much much ligther (roughly 40%), therfore it loads 
> much faster.

Robert Mohr