NEEED standards-heavy AMAZING main site

Tristan Nitot tristan at
Mon, 01 Sep 2003 20:46:36 +0200


James Russell wrote:

> Any word on this? I think this is VERY, VERY important. A ho-hum main 
> page will not help us gain market share. We neeeeeeed an awesome, 
> standards-heavy Web site to wow people with what standards can do and 
> give them an excellent reason to download Mozilla. I cannot stress the 
> importance of this enough. 

Sure. I agree, but with a few remarks:

1 - The design must be professional.
2 - the markup has to be standards-compliant. (the way it is now makes 
it really hard for us to push web standards for Gecko compatibity when 
discussing with web developers, while even our own web site does not 
follow our recommendations).
3 - a standards-compliant version of the current web page has been 
submitted by friends of mine to (not sure who). I'd love 
this web page to be replacing the current one. The look and wording are 
the same, but it is much much ligther (roughly 40%), therfore it loads 
much faster.

> wrote:
>>    I think this page was made by Marcio Galli, I'm inviting him to 
>> subscribe this list. He certainly has good marketing ideas to share 
>> with us. 
Marcio could help us in making a cool JS+DOM widget to demo Gecko's 
feature. Whether is works in IE or not still needs to be discussed.


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