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Mon, 27 Oct 2003 15:21:02 -0800

I was wondering about it too!

On 10/27/2003 2:46 PM, James Russell wrote:

>Um, am I the only one who sees this spam? Is there something we can do 
>about this?
>tammyjones916@yahoo.com wrote:
>>Hi I'm Tammy Jones from central Wisconsin.  Like most of you I have 
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>>convinced drop me an e-mail and I will show you how you can take part 
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>>TammyJones916@yahoo.com <mailto:TammyJones916@yahoo.com>
>>"My name is Gary Long and I live in Fenton, Mo.  I have the usual story,
>>tough times, rough situation and all that. The reason I am telling you 
>>is so you can see that I am a real person, and not just some automated
>>computer system. Above I have put my personal e-mail address so you can
>>contact me if you wish.
>> What I am sending to you today is a real working"system", for lack of
>>better words. I have done all the foot work in checking it out and 
>>make sure
>>it was real and nothing that could bite me in the butt later on. I am sure
>>some people are already thinking I am trying to sell them a "get rich 
>>something or other. Well I have to be honest, you have to put some 
>>work into
>>it, and follow through with it if you start. The funny thing is once 
>>you get
>>it started, like I am right now, it gets easier to finish. This next part
>>was originally written by Evelyn Phelps from Doniphan, Mo.  I felt she 
>>had a
>>very good point, and it should be passed along.  She put in the best
>>possable words."
>> Evelyn Phelps: "I'm sure I've made a lot of people rich buying there "GET
>>RICH QUICK" packages and such and I know, they don't work. That's why this
>>next e-mail intrigued me so much. If you think about it, the only thing
>>stopping the following "program" from working are people's closed minds,
>>negativity, and lack of imagination. If you are one of the aforementioned
>>people, I wish you a good day and you will probably never hear from me
>> For those of you with the same big dreams and high asperations that I
>>myself have, I invite you to read the following stories and learn how 
>>we all
>>can help each other get where we want all for the price of what a DVD will
>>cost us to watch once and sit on our shelves.
>> I wish you all luck if you decide to give this thing a try and would like
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>>So you think this is right for you? Want to learn more?  Drop me an 
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