[Marketing-Public]Packaging Mozilla Suite and its Children

Michael Gordon marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 10:45:17 -0600

Recently there has been a long discussion on Mozillazine talking about 
packaging Mozilla - The Suite, and her children Firebird and Thunderbird.

One suggestion is to package Mozilla - The Suite in a similar fashion as 
Microsoft Office 2000, 2003, Office XP, etc.; or Mozilla Gold, or 
Mozilla 2004, or Mozilla 21st Century.  Whatever form the final product 
evolves into, it needs to be compatible with user recognition of the 
versions he/she is using. 

There is a lot of discussion on the subject of the front end versions 
the user sees, and the back end versions the developers and programmers 
are using.  Both are very important in order to keep logical track of 
what each entity is working with.  The user must know what versions 
he/she has installed for updating purposes, and the 
developers/programmers must know what versions they are working with 
prior to public release.

A possible solution is to retain the current version order for 
development with minor modifications applying a version point number, as 
these modifications become more of a major improvement the version 
number and point number can be released as a public release update to 
the original version number.

For the public release versions modify the "Help/About/Mozilla" to 
itemize the Mozilla base version, Browser version, Mail version, 
Calendar version, etc., each time a component is updated.  This will 
allow the user to update components in place of the whole suite, and 
keep track of the latest updates.  The updated versions should mirror 
the point version the developers release for the public. 

Whenever there is a major upgrade to the suite the entire version 
numbering system could be bumped up to version 3.0.  this might keep 
everyone running on the same track, developers, and end users.

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