[Marketing-Public]standards compliance of Mozilla?

oberon marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 03:44:19 +0100

Le 25/10/2003 11:11, Patrick Lee a écrit :
> Standards compliance (and IE's lack thereof) is mentioned quite a bit
> around here, but where exactly are the Mozilla browsers in this regard?
>  For example, are they fully CSS2 compliant?

There is no browser with full CSS2.1 compliance, but Mozilla probably 
offers the best CSS2 support (and despite what many thinks, Opera does 
NOT have the best CSS support ;-) )

>  How about XML, XSLT, SVG,
> the DOM, and other standards?  Is this all spelled out somewhere in the
> mozilla.org website?

Mozilla supports XML (the whole Mozilla UI is written in XUL, an XML 
language), XSLT and DOM0+DOM1, large parts of DOM2 and some of DOM3. As 
a comparizon, Internet Explorer doesn't go much further than DOM1

You will find information there :



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