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Is XUL already a W3C specification?

If it's not the case then the problem is that most likely, MS will submit it
to W3C as an RFC and will leave XUL as the non standard UI spec.

As well known, we have done very little or better said nothing to promote
XUL and other XPI technologies. What XUL study cases we have? Mozilla
itself, Amazon browser, Bugxulla, extensions and maybe some more. None of
which is going to interest any serious business developer, and will restrict
it to "curious apps".

The XUL website should be filled with samples and documentation. Somehow,
mozilla.org must stop relying on third party domain and concentrate audience
focus on itself. "If mozilla.org is the father of XUL why all the info is in
XULplanet?" Couldn't it be that mozilla.org open several subwebsites to be
managed by current administrators. It is the same case for mozdev.org or
mozilla firebird site at texturizer.net/firebird.

I think its excellent to have several sites devoted to different areas of
mozilla world, but it doesn't give a good image that for the MAIN SOURCE for
any of this you have to go to extensionroom.mozdev.org to get extensions, or
themes, or even the newsletter poll, or mozilla firebird tips and tricks, or
XUL, or anything else. I just think it looks bad. 

What do other companies do to gather some apps for a new technology? They
invest money in concept proofs, but more usually, rely on partners to
develop solutions on the new platform. Can Mozilla do any of this? Don't
think so, because of the lack of money. It would be great if SUN or IBM
could come out with some kind of XUL bases component or app or something.
And if it already exist it should be highly advertised in the XUL site.

What other ways to promote a new technology there are besides study cases? 
What about contests? There have to be incentive for people to be the first
in writing an app. What about XUL interfaces for other third party open
source solutions like Plone, Apache, JSP, PHP bulletin, and so on? What
about a XUL based media library?

While next generation products are in development (birds), marketing efforts
must be focused on technologies promotion. Is this valid?  Maybe. While
products marketing can be more easily "distributed" (each of us can and do
promote Mozilla products without a doubt), marketing technologies require
more technical expertise which reduces significantly the Mozilla "sales
force". Also, technologies are marketed on conferences and similars, which
is not the case for consumer products. So, in that sense, it may be better
that Mozilla core marketing focus on technologies instead of products.

Once again, I think merchandise, icons, logos, buttons and all the trivial
but critical stuff must have been done by now. Mozilla branding, product
names, and all this stuff must be solved ASAP and stop wasting time on this.
Not because they are not critical, but exactly the opposite. They are too
critical to let them wait too much. As for the products, focus on usability,
and I insist in my yesterday's post: focus in the IE user. Take him, dice
him, analyze him, and make him happy without even noticing. 

I think and many may agree that it is entirely possible XAML can become a UI
standard (standardize by people not W3C) before XUL even tries.


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Bad news. Microsoft appear to be working on their own XUL variant - only 
obviously it's going to work in IE, and will thus be installed by 
default on millions of desktops in a few years time.


What does this mean for XUL marketing?

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