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I concur with one of the comments on your site (jgraham's):
Realistically, XAML is unlikely to take over the internet in the very near
future. That might come eventually, if Microsoft can convince everyone that
only people running Longhorn are worth selling to. That's unlikely to reach
the 90%+ levels of IE for a long time, so even IE only sites will have a
greater potential number of consumers than XAML sites.

But the problem (for XUL) is that before planning any investment in a new
technology, I'd want to be sure that it will be supported well into the
future. Okay, Mozilla is open source therefore I don't have to worry about
changes... except really I do as I don't want to be maintaining the platform
myself. XUL has little press, and little (apparent) support, so what if it
all just stopped, or was massively changed?

With XAML, the technology isn't the threat; the threat is the fact it will
integrate with everything, so in theory I can use XAML with MS Office and
intranet and blur the lines between the two.  Not only that, MS will provide
the development tools end to end.

In practice the lead time on all of this is absolutely years, but if MS
start hyping things in a year or so, then there is less chance of anyone
being willing to invest in development based on XUL.

My immediate thoughts on this are to try to partner/standardise to get
better recognition of XUL. Would Opera or KHTML adopt XUL?  Would W3C give
it its blessing?


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> Bad news. Microsoft appear to be working on their own XUL variant - only
> obviously it's going to work in IE, and will thus be installed by
> default on millions of desktops in a few years time.
> http://simon.incutio.com/archive/2003/10/24/microsoftsXUL
> What does this mean for XUL marketing?
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