[Marketing-Public]Mozilla Design Problems

Jay Garcia marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 08:15:21 -0500

On 20.10.03 05:55, Michael Gordon wrote:

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> Irwin Greenwald wrote:
>>You're absolutely right about prefs.bak in 1.5.  Now I wonder when this
>>was changed?
>>Yes, getting the developers involved is the hard part.  Jay and I were
>>hoping Marketing could somehow push this.
>>On 10/19/2003 7:12 PM, Michael Gordon wrote:
> This leads to another question, is there anyone at Mozilla.org Marketing 
> Division lurking on this list?

Did I take a wrong turn somewhere? I thought this WAS the Mozilla
Marketing list !! ;-)

> If they are it would be real polite for them to announce themselves so 
> we could have an intelligent discussion on these subjects.

I thought that some did .. Bart ??

> Getting Marketing and Development (programmers) together on the same 
> topic has always been one of the more difficult tasks in industry.  If 
> the developers could understand how important these topics are to the 
> average Internet user, and could see the enormous difficulty in 
> distributing Mozilla to the general public, they (Developers) might 
> decide to jump on our side for the chance of world wide distribution of 
> their product.
> Michael

Very true. When we (Netscape Champions) were a driving force from '95 to
'99 or so, the programmers and marketing were like water and oil, almost
to the point of outright hatred.

We need an interested liason of sorts to bridge the programmer/marketing
gap. I'll see what I can do to call in some "favors".

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