[Marketing-Public]Mozilla at Google

Björn Johansson marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sat, 18 Oct 2003 13:13:37 +0200

> I do not argue with your points here, you have presented valid 
> possibilities.  So, to advance the points on browser use on web 
> servers I have complied some sample statistics from some of my own web 
> sites hosted on Earthlink.
> Site #1  IE 35%  NS 14%  (NS = Netscape 5+)
> Site #2  IE 57%  NS 11%
> Site #3  IE 40%  NS 9.4%

These figurews are Not representative. For example Nielsen Netratings 
can give us numbers that are scientifically accurate. 

But my main point is that the exact number of our market penetration is 
not that important. We all know that we are way low so lets just talk 
to more friends about the excellence of Mozilla and lets install it in 
grandma's computer...

>>> Element 1.
>>> The web site must describe how and why Mozilla is better than any 
>>> other web browser on the WWW; this must present examples of how 
>>> Mozilla performs user tasks in a very simple and straightforward 
>>> manner.  On each web page there must be at least two links for 
>>> delivery of Mozilla, one a free download for installing the suite, 
>>> the other a link for a free CD and user manual for the cost of 
>>> shipping and the CD disc.
>> The new (beta) website covers most of this. It's considerably more 
>> user friendly than netscape.com.
> I am very glad to hear about this.

But there will be no Free CDs. They will cost ~$5 for Cd + shipping. 
Plese see mozilla.com for the announcement of the CDs and a link to the 
beta website.

/ Björn

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