[Marketing-Public]events team / comdex

Simon marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sat, 18 Oct 2003 12:18:09 +1000 (EST)

(ive had a hell of a time trying to post to this list, this below is a
couple days old)

> We're being offered a free table at Comdex, Nov 16-20 in Las Vegas.  Are 
> there people on this list who either live near Comdex or are planning at 
> being on the show and willing to help man the Mozilla table?

Cool. OpenOffice.org got the same deal.

> Also, we need an Events team who creates an agenda for all the 
> events/conferences/shows where Mozilla should have a presence, creates 
> the collateral materials, contact the event organizers, then finds 
> volunteers to staff the events.  Any volunteers to set up the Events

/me raises hand in a half hearted attempt

Sounds like fun, the main thing I think about is that we need to
establish a head for each event, and that head will 100% surely be able
to deploy there physical side for that the event.

Is the Mozilla Foundation aiming to show themselves at every event they
can get into for free, or are prepared to pay there way when not
offered. Will the volenteers pay for the 'stuff' (handouts/demo
hardware) to make Mozilla presentable, or will the volunteers need to do
so out of there own pocket.

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