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Michael Gordon marketing-public at mozilla.org
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:08:02 -0500

Ian Thomas wrote:

> Jay Garcia wrote:
>>>Sure would be nice if we could get them to bundle Gecko with this new 
>>>service :)  Alas, I fear they'll give everybody an AOL bundled IE, which 
>>>would just be some sick twisted irony I fear...
>>Yes, that would be quite ironic to brand the feature "Netscape" and use
>>IE for the back-end foundation. Sounds a bit counterproductive to me and
>>a slap in the face of those NS employees that were terminated and/or
>>otherwise mis-placed. Maybe over-reacting a bit?
> Of course they might just bundle Netscape 7.1, that has a couple of 
> years life in it yet (when was IE6 released?)
> Ian
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Shortly after AOL released Netscape 7.x for public download and the free 
CD the AOL advertisements announced tools and attributes available only 
found in Netscape 7.x.  Today they are still advertising these tools and 
attributes, even with the new AOL 9 version.

It sounds like they are in fact using the Gecko engine under the cover 
of the AOL browser name.  They must be doing something to cover their 
behinds for when MS stops supporting IE as a stand alone browser.

Michael Gordon

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