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Ian Thomas wrote:

> Michael Gordon wrote:
>> Then when you see where Mozilla stands with the rest of the browser 
>> community we need to do something with Mozilla Marketing and get this 
>> Fire Breathing Dragon off the pavement.  I don't know how to do this, 
>> someone in our vast world wide community must have some great ideas 
>> on how to accomplish this goal.
> Quick URL: http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist/sep03_browsers.gif
> Whats your point? We all know that IE has 90%+ market share and Gecko is
> the second most recorded rendering engine, with a small but steadily
> growing percentage of users.
> Ian
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Hello Ian,

The point is neither where IE stands, nor the history of the IE 
standings.  The point is where Mozilla stands today, at the very bottom 
of the heap.  If we look very carefully at the graph we see some minor 
upward movement for Mozilla, this needs to continue at a more rapid pace.

The suggestions I have read in this list over the last two weeks are 
very good; they target the computer industry and professionals within 
this industry.  What is needed for Mozilla to climb up in the "user 
standings" is an aggressive marketing campaign targeting the average 
Internet user.  When AOL launched Netscape 7.x they managed to deliver 
20 million CD copies through the Netscape.net portal, there has been no 
accounting how many copies were downloaded from this portal.

In my small opinion Mozilla could follow the lead of AOL and Netscape in 
providing a user-friendly web site to handle two very important elements 
in distributing the Mozilla Suite and stand-alone applications. 

Element 1.
The web site must describe how and why Mozilla is better than any other 
web browser on the WWW; this must present examples of how Mozilla 
performs user tasks in a very simple and straightforward manner.  On 
each web page there must be at least two links for delivery of Mozilla, 
one a free download for installing the suite, the other a link for a 
free CD and user manual for the cost of shipping and the CD disc.

Element 2.
There must be a compressive user manual written for the average Internet 
user in plain easy to read and understand language.  This manual must 
address each tool and preference accessible to the average user.  A full 
description of what the tool or preference is used for, and how to set 
the tools and preferences for the desired end result.  This manual 
should be available in two formats, the printed form that accompanies 
the Free CD, and a PDF version for viewing and downloading.

If there is any doubt of the importance of element 2 I invite you all to 
review the postings contained in the Netscape.Netscape7, and Mozilla 
Newsgroups.  There you will find the common problems new users of the 
Mozilla family of applications are experiencing.  If Mozilla does follow 
an aggressive campaign to distribute and convert Internet users over to 
the latest versions of the Mozilla family of applications the newsgroups 
will not have the capacity to answer all the new user queries and problems.

In light of the above I suggest adding a new newsgroup for New Mozilla 
Users, and have the postings and replies archived and searchable.  This 
will enable the current newsgroups to address advanced topics and 
technically difficult problem solving.


Michael Gordon

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