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Albert Ren wrote:

> Michael Gordon wrote:
>> Albert Ren wrote:
>>> Michael Gordon wrote:
>>>> Jay Garcia wrote:
>>>>> Sorry to post the whole thing but I don't have the link.
>>>>> Any impact on Mozilla, F'bird, T'bird ??? Thoughts anyone?
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>>>>> AOL to Launch Dial-Up Service
>>>>> Called Netscape at a Discount
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>>>> Hello Jay,
>>>> When AOL dumped the Netscape browser suite, sent the Netscape 
>>>> programmers packing, handed over the server hardware to the Mozilla 
>>>> Foundation, and delivered a development gift of $2,000,000.00; 
>>>> didn't AOL give up the right to use a browser called "Netscape"?
>>>> If this could be true Mozilla could package Moz 1.4.1 as Netscape 
>>>> 7.14 and join with Earthlink.net in selling dialup, DSL, cable, and 
>>>> satellite ISP services.  I remember when I first logged onto the 
>>>> Internet with Earthlink, Earthlink provided a copy of Netscape 3.x 
>>>> as an alternative to MS IE.  Earthlink was still supporting 
>>>> Netscape well after Communicator 4.0 arrived, but dropped support 
>>>> somewhere after Communicator 4.5 was released.
>>>> Imagine the marketing coup if Mozilla, Earthlink, and IBM became a 
>>>> team player on the WWW.
>>>> Michael Gordon
>>> This brings me to a good question: Whose responsibility is it to try 
>>> and secure distribution deals?  I think it would be awesome if we 
>>> could convince Earthlink to start building on top of Gecko and get 
>>> HPaq to set Mozilla as the default browser on all its new systems.  
>>> Though I doubt Earthlink will really spend any time/money on getting 
>>> Mozilla in, they seem to be busy enough as it is.  HPaq might 
>>> benefit from having a default browser on its system w/ popup 
>>> blocking and junk mail filtering.
>>> This also begs the question, should we get them on bundling Mozilla 
>>> 1.4/1.5 or Mozilla Firebird 1.0, and Thunderbird 1.0 when that's ready?
>>> Albert
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>> Hello Albert,
>> In my small opinion it seems more likely to bundle Moz 1.4.1/1.5 as a 
>> suite for the time being.  Later as Firebird and Thunderbird become 
>> more mature they could be integrated into the suite for the corporate 
>> bundle.
>> As for Earthlink and HP are concerned they must be thinking about an 
>> alternate browser suite in light of Microsoft's public announcement 
>> on not supporting any further development on the "Stand Alone IE".
>> Michael Gordon
> Well in that case let's try to pick some of the low-hanging fruit off 
> the tree :)
> Anyone got any EarthLink or HP contacts we should employ?  Preferably 
> ones that Netscape used to use to get their former placement?  Should 
> we wait for someone higher up (e.g. employed by MozFoundation) to 
> handle this deal?
> Albert

I have one at HP, her name is Carley F.


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