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On 14.10.03 18:53, Michael Gordon wrote:

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> Jay Garcia wrote:
>>Sorry to post the whole thing but I don't have the link.
>>Any impact on Mozilla, F'bird, T'bird ??? Thoughts anyone?
>>AOL to Launch Dial-Up Service
>>Called Netscape at a Discount
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> Hello Jay,
> When AOL dumped the Netscape browser suite, sent the Netscape 
> programmers packing, handed over the server hardware to the Mozilla 
> Foundation, and delivered a development gift of $2,000,000.00; didn't 
> AOL give up the right to use a browser called "Netscape"?
> If this could be true Mozilla could package Moz 1.4.1 as Netscape 7.14 
> and join with Earthlink.net in selling dialup, DSL, cable, and satellite 
> ISP services.  I remember when I first logged onto the Internet with 
> Earthlink, Earthlink provided a copy of Netscape 3.x as an alternative 
> to MS IE.  Earthlink was still supporting Netscape well after 
> Communicator 4.0 arrived, but dropped support somewhere after 
> Communicator 4.5 was released.
> Imagine the marketing coup if Mozilla, Earthlink, and IBM became a team 
> player on the WWW.
> Michael Gordon

AOL still owns the name, logo, etc.

I've heard some pretty reliable, but still rumors, that IBM is
interested in Netscape.

Just before the NS logos were stripped from the building in Mountain
View, there was a very high-level top secret meeting with the NS "brass"
and some "other" company's "brass" ... Even my on-site close contact(s)
don't have a clue as to the nature or outcome/purpose of the meeting.

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