[Marketing-Public]Wall Street Journal Article

Ed Mullen marketing-public at mozilla.org
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 12:43:16 -0400

Jay Garcia wrote:

> Sorry to post the whole thing but I don't have the link.
> Any impact on Mozilla, F'bird, T'bird ??? Thoughts anyone?
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> AOL to Launch Dial-Up Service
> Called Netscape at a Discount


Apparently the Netscape brand still has legs in terms of market presence
and value.  Sure makes sense to me.

AOL is probably getting a bit desparate given all the competition in the
access biz these days.  There have been some recent articles about
competition in the access arena and broadband penetration, notably the
SBC/Yahoo service.  A friend of mine in Palo Alto, CA just dropped his
AOL account in favor of the SBC/Yahoo DSL offering.

And it was kind of amusing to read another article about AOL/TW
officially changing its name back and dropping AOL.

Ed Mullen