[Marketing-Public]Mozilla at Google

Michael Gordon marketing-public at mozilla.org
Mon, 13 Oct 2003 13:17:28 -0500

Mozilla on Google.

Today I discovered a link to the Google.com Google Zeitgeist Report. 
This is a graphical presentation on the Google.com server statistics and 
provides some very interesting data.  Interesting for the Mozilla family 
of browser suites and stand alone programs.

I invite all of you who are involved in the Mozilla projects to review 
these graphs and pay special attention to the Browser report.  This is 
updated on a monthly basis and shows the trend over a period of years.

Then when you see where Mozilla stands with the rest of the browser 
community we need to do something with Mozilla Marketing and get this 
Fire Breathing Dragon off the pavement.  I don't know how to do this, 
someone in our vast world wide community must have some great ideas on 
how to accomplish this goal.

Bookmark Google Zeitgeist Report at:
and follow the progress.

Michael Gordon
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