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Bart Decrem marketing-public at mozilla.org
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 22:19:32 -0700

Duane: we need all of the above.  I would love it if the quotes project 
also gathered raves from reviews.  Quotes from real users are very 
important, especially if they're noteworthy. For instance, I know of a 
Senator who's using Mozilla, but unfortunately we're not able to get a 
quote or attribute. There are many universities that have large Mozilla 
deployments.  Reporters love to use quotes from end users in their 
stories.  Other customers do too.

In any event, sounds like at least Daniel and Albert are interested in 
helping with this.  Daniel: I agree that we should just get started.  So 
why don't you take the lead, set up a simple page and start collecting 
testimonials.  Mozdev offers homepages, wikis, and mailing lists - so 
that should be all the infrastructuer you need. 

Albert: of course it's OK to help out only as time allows.  That's the 
whole point of getting a group of people to work together on something 
like that.


Duane Fahey wrote:

> I don't think that having testimonials as an "automated" web thingy is 
> such a good idea.  Let CNet do that kind of thing...
> An special e-mail address with one or more people weeding through them 
> is a much better approach.
> Actually, I think that quoting magazine reviews is the best idea for 
> this anyway.  I just received an e-mail from Apple about Panther, but 
> there were several quotes about iSight and iChat, all from magazines 
> and newspapers.  The article by Joel about Firebird carrys much more 
> weight than any of us saying that "Mozilla Rocks" or something.  
> Interestingly, one of the iSight/iChat quotes was from Popular 
> Mechanics...
> - Duane
> Bart Decrem wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> It'd be great if we had a testimonials and quotes project.  Here's 
>> how this would work:
>> - a web form that feeds data into a database:
>> -- a quote
>> -- name/initials/entity being quoted
>> -- date
>> -- product that the quote is about
>> -- contact information / other way we can verify that it's OK to use 
>> the quote
>> -- permission to feature the quote and/or permission to refer press 
>> to this person
>> On the backend we have an editor who cleans up quotes if necessary, 
>> verifies permissions, and assigns a rating to each quote depending on 
>> how compelling it is.  And quotes also get stale, and stop being used 
>> over time.
>> Then, on the home page of our web site, and on each of the homepages 
>> for our products, there could be dynamically generated testimonials 
>> about our software - and right next to the testimonials is an "add 
>> your testimonials" button.
>> When reporters ask for a reference customer or quote, we always have 
>> those handy.
>> This would be another great project to host on Mozdev with 
>> mozilla.org resources made available as needed.
>> Let me know if you'd like to take the lead on such an effort.
>> Bart
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