[Marketing-Public]draft trademarks policy

Albert Ren marketing-public at mozilla.org
Thu, 09 Oct 2003 23:08:23 -0400

bart decrem wrote:

> Hi Duane,
> Duane Fahey wrote:
>> Bart,
>> This is very good.  But, with item II, section 1, you and others are 
>> going to have some kind of request for approval system?  Will this be 
>> a lot of applications?  I don't know, but it might tend to be a lot 
>> of work.  I guess I was thinking that this process might be similar 
>> to using a company logo, like using Adobe Acrobat logo for PDF 
>> files.  People who use the logo need to adhere to rules, but there is 
>> not an actual application and approval process.
> I don't see how we can get around this issue when it comes to people 
> who make changes to Mozilla and still want to call the modified 
> product Mozilla and use our logo with it.  Adobe doesn't allow people 
> to modify Adobe Acrobat, much less call the modified product Adobe 
> Acrobat. 
> BUT I think we should have a logo program that signifies that a piece 
> of software includes Mozilla technologies - kind of like the Intel 
> Inside program.  And that should be simple to obtain - so no approval 
> process.    "Based on Mozilla" or "Built using Mozilla technologies" - 
> something like that. 

Do we want to distinguish between Mozilla-based products (e.g. 
modifications of seamonkey or Firebird) and stuff based on the engine?  
Maybe we could respectfully ask embedders of Gecko to include a "Powered 
by the Gecko Rendering Engine" notice somewhere in their product if they 
don't mind (I say respectfully ask because technically what they do with 
the Gecko source is their own business, right? :) )