[Marketing-Public]testimonials / quotes project

Daniel Wang marketing-public at mozilla.org
Thu, 09 Oct 2003 08:45:10 -0700

Bart Decrem wrote:
> It'd be great if we had a testimonials and quotes project.  Here's how 
> this would work:
> - a web form that feeds data into a database:
> -- a quote
> -- name/initials/entity being quoted
> -- date
> -- product that the quote is about
> -- contact information / other way we can verify that it's OK to use the 
> quote
> -- permission to feature the quote and/or permission to refer press to 
> this person

I'd prefer that we find an editor and start it right away. Let's just 
use e-mail. This marketing thing is as slow as it is...

Who want to volunteer as an editor?