[Marketing-Public]More MSN

Albert Ren marketing-public at mozilla.org
Sun, 05 Oct 2003 23:00:02 -0400

Well, I just tried out the MSN9 Beta, and here's what I've got to note:

The popup blocker has whitelisting options as well, and alos has a 
"medium" strength one, which apparently somehow determines which popups 
are "useful" and which ones aren't.  The High option is stated as 
filtering most popup windows (haven't checked the onClick pop-ups yet).  
There's also a pop-up guard icon, which also shows a thumbnail of the 
popup that was just blocked.

As far as junk mail blocking, MSN9 also has microsoft's standard mail 
blocker (you can sort of see what I'm talking about if you're using 
outlook 2003 or hotmail).  They also seem to have implemented some form 
of bayesian mail filtering...  Here's the thing from their help file:
"MSN rates potential junk e-mail messages as a "medium", "high", or 
"very high". In addition to this automatic filtering, MSN enables you to 
choose your own level of junk e-mail filtering used on your incoming 
e-mail messages. The combination of the automatic filtering, and the 
filtering you set up, helps to ensure that most junk e-mail gets routed 
to the correct folder. The more you train the junk e-mail filter, the 
better it becomes at recognizing junk e-mail."

You can bet that Microsoft will be putting both of these into Longhorn.  
If we want to do a marketing push, we should probably start soon.