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Fri, 03 Oct 2003 22:36:06 -0500

On 03.10.03 14:43, ralph mellor wrote:

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> Jay Garcia wrote:
>> Read Bart's mail:
>>>And if your post doesn't show up on the archives (see the signature of
>>>this mail for the URL), pls let me know by sending mail to me directly
>> * "... mail to me directly" *
> Well, "...if your post doesn't show up on the archives", but I get
> your point. Sorry.
> I had an idea for Mozilla Champions that would make sense if the Zilla
> idea* is adopted. If Zilla is used for a new range of Mozilla products
> (FB, TB etc. become Zilla Surf, Zilla Box or whatever), then perhaps
> Zilla Champions would be Zillions?
> *Introduce a friendly Zilla (or 'Zilla) brand that is related to, and
> benefits from promotion of, but is distinct from, the Mozilla brand.
> love, ralph

I've been a Netscape Champion since early 1996 and it was an
all-volunteer enterprise. Oh, yah, we got mugs, pens, polo shirts and
stuff. We even got an all-expense paid trip to Mountain View to "meet
the folks", even JWZ with his blue hair. :-D

Now maybe we could actually get royalties ?? ;-)

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