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Fri, 3 Oct 2003 01:02:17 +0100

I did wonder where my carefully crafted post had disappeared to!!

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> Hi all,
> Sorry if this seems slightly off-topic -- info about the upcoming
> Windows "Longhorn" release...
> http://news.com.com/2100-1016_3-5083491.html
> Of some interest is the ClickOnce feature, which I guess is like the
> LindowsOS, easy to purchase and install apps. I would guess this will
> in consumer devices that are much less configurable than todays PCs?
> That being the case (and it *is* speculation), then attempts to target
> six pack" might be ultimately pointless -- by 2006 the consumer market
> be running consumer devices and not PC's.
> So, maybe its better to target corporates (developer info/tools/examples),
> and perhaps ISP's.... really anyone who wants to support only a limited
> of applications. Other targets could include embedded apps, e.g.
> phones/PDA's.
> All food for thought anyway!
> Regards,
> Peter.