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I totally agree. This should be a guideline in the Mozilla marketing
campaign strategy. There are a lot of people who trust IE for all their web
access needs. For sure it gets the job done, so there is no way anybody can
tell them it is bad because first of all it isn't. The point is that it is
not as good as Mozilla.

I would also suggest to focus on two potential users/customer: current
internet users (97% of which we know are in IE), and newcomers to the
internet (web).

These newcomers or better said, people teaching these newcomers need a guide
that introduce them to the internet nrowsing with Mozilla. I am currently
working on this (for Mozilal firebird) in spanish (,
however don't waste your time, since I haven't posted anything yet). The
objective is to make a guide (ready to print PDF) that any internet
introducer (you, me, any son or friend) may want to print, use as a guide to
teach the newcomer and leave it to him/her as as a reference.

Hopefully I will have a draft version of this by the end of july.

Back to Georg comments, marketing oriented to potential switchers should be
based on a slogan like: "same web, new better way"; or, "yes, you can avoid
them" or below a picture of a guy gone crazy closing popups; o an old woman
receiving a viagra spam; or a wrestle fighter receiving a increase your
boobs spam.

As it has been suggested, the domain must be devoted to download
and promotion of the most reliable version of Mozilla browser in existance.
Avoid any reference to bugs, projects, and anything that may not concern a
user only looking for a better browser. 

If as I read in last week meeting minutes ( frontpage), it is
being suggested that Mozilla Firebird will be avilable by a year from now or
something near this, even a beta promotion campaign must be seriously
thought about for Mozilla Firebird. I would appreciate some clarification on
Brendan comments. Is it a year for 1.5 (don't think so) or what an "end user
release" is understood. Depending on what we're talking about, a year may
simply mean the death of Mozilla.


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> Ok here I go,
> this is a very rough set of general ideas.
> General: Marketing should be entirely positive in regards of 
> self-definition.  I  my  view,  the  very  worst  thing  which  could 
> hapen  is T-Shirts, stickers  or whatever with slogans or graphics 
> making something else look bad or fun of. You know what I'm thinking 
> about. I don't think putting out T-Shirts making fun of IE or 
> pointing 
> out it's bad points will do us any good. Remember, the people 
> we try to 
> market Mozilla to use IE. It's not a good start into a 
> conversation to 
> make that look bad. That would be like a car merchant from 
> another brand 
> than you use starts by making your own brand bad. What would 
> you think ? 
> I know that I would think that he has to make other's bad to look 
> himself look good. I would walk  away.
> Instead, let people make their own conclusions. Tread them like 
> customers. Point of your strong points: popup blocking, spam 
> filtering, 
> whatever. People can compare that to their own products 
> themselves and 
> will do that. Point out these positives in slogan form, short and 
> rememberable. No tech talk. No geekish language, no self irony nobody 
> but insiders understand.
> Pictures and emblems, rememberable ones. The dinosaur as our 
> maskot, as 
> recognizable as the mascot of your favorite sports team. It has to be 
> ONE colour green OR red. Everything else is confusing and looks as if 
> they were two (maybe opposite) things.
> Traditional fan stuff: mugs, toys, scrafs
> Mozilla club with real incentives to join, real benefits to members 
> which the others DO NOT get: Prepacked with java, real player, adobe 
> acrobat, flash as an all inclusive solution. Add spellchecker and 
> dictionaries and translated packages to the build. Software pros: 
> Special skins ONLY for members, a fanzine including latest 
> developments 
> written for users. Maybe even in real print sent to your doorstep. 
> Posters for fans in your fan magazine. Club members get 
> preffered care 
> in support forums, they pay, they get their problems solved first.
> If the clubs runs good, we can make several membership levels:  Basic 
> membership :  2  US$ per month , Silver membership: 4 US$ per month, 
> Gold membership: 6 US$ per month. Each membership level needs 
> a higher 
> stantard of support and incentives.
> Keep the demands for the basic membership in the club as low as 
> possible: You prefer a steady income of 2 bucks per month and 
> a virtual 
> lifelong membership to a 10 bucks donation one time.
> Keep the structure of the club easy, show potential members what they 
> get, not more, not less. No confusing point schemes noone understands.
> Basic membership can only be achieved with donating money, 
> higher levels 
> of membership can also be achieved by "donating" work, filling bug 
> reports, fixing them, helping in support forums, testing, 
> whatever. The 
> longer the task take, the longer you can stay in the higher class 
> membership, if you stop working on the product, you fall back the the 
> level of you support you receive by donating.
> Ok, I hope what I said wasn't entirely pointless.
> George