[Hindsight] Starting with hindsight- confused about whats happening

VINEET BERLIA shanky221341 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 08:31:33 UTC 2016


I was trying to get around using hindsight replacing heka, for one of our
clients. I have done the setup successfully.

I tried the examples in benchmark folder. But can't understand whats
actually happening?:- for eg:-

With following setup in
├── run
│   ├── analysis
│   │   ├── counter.cfg
│   │   ├── counter.fcfg
│   │   └── counter.lua
│   ├── input
│   │   ├── input_test.cfg
│   │   └── input_test.lua
│   └── output
│       ├── counter.cfg
│       └── counter.lua
├── single.cfg
└── single.toml

I run:-  hindsight single.cfg

and get the following output:-

vineet at Vineet-ThinkPad-T420:~/Desktop/heka_test$ hindsight single.cfg
1479198461994525451 [info] hindsight starting
1479198462004416356 [info] input.input_test starting
1479198462004946356 [info] input.input_test detaching received: 0 msg: 0
1479198462005641516 [info] analysis.counter adding to thread: 0
1479198462005738750 [info] analysis_plugins starting thread: 0
1479198462006463212 [info] output.counter starting

and then I have to exit hindsight.

Whats actually happening here? i have configured in single.cfg to read from
a log file. but whats is the output I should get and where?

Can you pls explain the flow of execution from input to output?

For eg from nginnx log files to just console output?

And why do we need single.toml file here? that was in heka right?

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