[Go Faster] Landing DoH rollout add-on in browser/extensions

Nihanth Subramanya nsubramanya at mozilla.com
Thu Nov 28 15:22:34 UTC 2019

Hi folks,

Recap: we're landing the DoH rollout add-on in browser/extensions as part
of a transition plan to move that code into mozilla-central. In the future,
the code will be converted to a plain old JSM.

*** This code is pref'd off by default. The add-on is built and run, but
nothing happens. We will be landing/uplifting a few follow-ups to beta but
we want to get this in before the merge to avoid uplifting the whole
add-on. ***

Andrew warned me that landing a new system add-on means we have to update
Balrog to make sure its update checks work correctly. Could someone clarify
what needs to be done here?

I'll follow-up on this email thread if there are any updates from me.

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